how DRAWgust works

draw every day during the month of August. it does not matter what or where or when you draw. just draw. you can do on any surface or any kind of paper.

I cannot draw!

can you draw a line? can you draw a circle? yes… you can draw. everyone can draw. the problem is that when you watch somebody who draws every day they make it looks easy. drawing is hard. you have to practice. like anything. remember when you learned to write? remember how long and hard that was? drawing is the same thing.

what should I use to draw?

pens. ink filled pens. could also be a quill pen dipped a ink well. a brush full of ink. or ink moved around by nearly anything. remember, pen is mightier.

what about other drawing tools?

nothing stops you from using whatever you want to draw. it is more important to draw, to make art then it is to be stuck on some silly rules. that said, what I know about artists is that if you say to one, “make anything you want” what will happen is you will get nothing. the make you make needs some structure or limitations. which is why jinkrocks provides a cue sheet for what you might day on a day. you do not have to use the cue sheet, but it might help if you get stuck.

do you have a favorite pen?


what is it?

“the one I am drawing with” is the best answer.

what pen are you using to draw?

pigmas, sharpies, BiC, staedtler, not the hated brush pen…

cue sheet? I don’t need a cue sheet!

so do not use the cue sheet. think of it as a jumping off point. the kick in the pants. a winder upper. training wheels.

I want to post my daily drawing. where should I post it?

twitter, instagram, Facebook, your blog. if you tag it we will find it.

what hashtag should I use?

#drawgust. on twitter you can @drawgust19. and on Facebook you can add drawgust to the “who were you with?”