I did not want to wait until October for the reason to draw every day for a month. the challenge called Inktober, as set down by Jake Parker, ended with relief and disappointment. I would not have to pick up a pen because a word on a list commanded me. what happened to my dismay was the itch to draw was less urgent. as November became December I did less daily drawing.

I fixed this problem. and this is DRAWgust. the challenge, should you choose:

draw every day in August.

use pen. pencil. water color. or crayon. anything can be your tool.

draw on any surface. paper, rocks, wood…

walls are okay if you ask your Mom first.

post your daily drawing on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook including the tag #DRAWgust in the post. that way we can find it. you can also post on the webpage or via email.

twitter: drawgust19
instagram: drawgust19
FB: drawgust